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Top best places to visit in Balkans

Top best places to visit in BalkansTop Places To Visit in Balkans Trip

We have visited all the Balkan countries and found picturesque places with their own uniqueness and charm in each of them. These are the places we recommend to visit should you be in the vicinity. We have chosen the most interesting places in those 9 countries we went to and saw with our own eyes. Balkan countries are rich in luxurious nature and some cities are popular owing to their architecture. A selection of the most interesting places even includes the cities where you can arrange a gastronomic weekend, and what is more – aesthetic pleasure from the establishments’ design. So scroll down and watch our selection of what is the most fascinating in Balkans.

best places of Balkans

We will begin in the order of the countries we visited. Croatia was the first Balkan country on our way. The country where beauty – both natural and architectural – meets you at every step. And numerous islands. One of them goes to our list. Pag Island is an adventure beginning at a ferry on which you are to swim to the island. Just on arrival cosmic landscape with hitch road strip will meet you. Going on the road you can count the sheep and farms that fill the island with their greatest number. More sheep than local dwellers. Pag Island is located near the mainland, so you can admire extraordinary pictures: cosmic landscapes of the island with sheep and high mountains with snow peaks on the mainland as the background. This island is really special.

Awesome Croatia: from Zagreb to Pag island 

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Montenegro is a unique country with incredible mountains nature combined with water. The most picturesque place is Bay of Kotor. A massive bay of the Adriatic Sea with really huge mountains towering around it. Thin road and towns embraced the water and the bay perimeter. The architecture preserved from ancient times, so all the buildings are old, low, and romantic. And the most romantic city in the Bay of Kotor is Perast. One of the smallest and the most beautiful. And two small islands (one is artificial and the other is natural) belong to Perast; you can swim to them on a boat and watch even more beautiful views of this splendid city.

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The next and the least known country is Albania. You just can NOT be afraid of Albania! It’s a beautiful country with specific nature, kind people, and superb roads, which recently covered the entire country. This fresh country boasts of many interesting and unique things. From all the beauty – architectural and natural – we would like to highlight paradise with a cute name “the Blue Eye”. It’s a truly heavenly place you don’t want to leave. Calm, nature, aesthetics, coolness, birds singing, miracle, secret depth, and colors. The most amazing place in Albania. Blue Eye is a spring rising from yet unknown depth (but certainly more than 50 m) and having crystal clear water. Beautiful nature around the spring. You must see it with your own eyes.

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3 Греція.

Greece. This is a very rich land. Incredible country with wildlife and giant mountain ranges, picturesque fields, and one of the most unique architectures. Greece is also rich in islands; each is more beautiful than the other. We traveled only across the mainland Greece. So, the list of the most interesting places of Balkans is supplemented by places of the mainland Greece. As we have already mentioned, Greece is extremely rich in the beauty. Therefore, we would like to highlight not one but two most interesting places that as well were difficult to choose. The first place we visited immediately on arrival is Porto Katsiki beach. Wild, big, wide, surrounded by mighty purple rocks. If you came here not in the tourist season, this place would seem even creepy. Indeed, there is a sense of sand grain – a human and puissant nature. The water color beckons the most – tender blue and bright at the same time! The water is colorful even in cloudy weather. It’s certainly worth visiting – to the earth edge to the grandeur of nature.

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And the other unique place that is difficult to describe in words is Meteora. Nature and architecture combined here and formed a fantastic place – monasteries on the tops of heaven-high rocks surrounded by mountains. Incredible atmosphere, which can be felt very close and looked on all sides from top, is the best choice. You simply need to go there to gather new strength, thoughts, calm, and beauty. We just recommend!


After majestic nature of Greece it’s not easy to wonder because of something but every country has special and atmospheric places. It happened in Bulgaria, and especially in Sofia, its capital. There is a good and accurate expression: “Made my day”. So not architecture or nature “made our day” and the memories of Bulgaria and its capital but a comfortable and pleasant atmospheric establishment with wonderful people enjoying what they do. So the best memoirs of Bulgaria are the establishment with a cute name Lavender.

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While travelling across the Balkans we kept changing nature for architecture and vice versa. And this is a very pleasant part of the journey. We think we have seen mountains and rivers. But every time we hold our breath because of the scenery. The nature can surprise and inspire. So, being in Macedonia, and especially in Skopje, the capital, be sure to take a trip to the Matka Canyon. You will be definitely impressed by this place.

Amazing Matka Canyon in Macedonia

7 skopje canyon-11

After Macedonia Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘waited’ for us. The most popular place in all the country is the city of Mostar. And its most famous attraction is the old bridge. It’s not a plain bridge – in fact, it’s really unique and beautiful, it interconnects the two sides of the city, where there are old architectural monuments. And one of the most beautiful rivers runs under the bridge. Deep, crystal-clear, emerald and cool. You can watch the very river for long. It’s not for nothing that this place beckons so many people. There is something to see.

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Picturesque Blagaj and Kravice waterfall near Mostar

8 mostar-44

Nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia is. At first glance it’s a gray and sad country. But it stroke us with something different. We visited Belgrade, the capital, and were pleasantly surprised by young people who launch really interesting, delicious, and atmospheric establishments here. So we would even like to say Belgrade is very interesting – it’s worth coming here at least for a weekend to make a quest in search of special establishments. And this quest will be very easy, since the interesting facilities can be found at every step. You can be inspired by courage and taste of local Serbs. Bright and tasty filling hides behind a gray wrapper. See a lot of photos here.

9 beograd cafe-57

After gray architecture of Serbia we went to green and fresh heaven – Transylvania, Romania region. We are delighted with our neighbor Romania. We examined this country far and wide. We chose the most interesting places to visit. And the best place goes to this list. So, meet Transfaharasan – the most dangerous and the most beautiful alpine highway in the world! It’s so beautiful here that we run out of words for description. While going by this highway – this is the Romanian attraction but not just that – in the middle of the highway you should stop near the picturesque lake on top of Faharash Mount and then go on to immense and terrible place – Vidraru Dam.

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10 balea lake-27

At the end of the trip through Balkans we want to say it’s amazing and inspiring journey, though not as popular as trips across other parts of Europe, for instance. But the trip through Balkans is worth traveling around all the countries belonging to the region – they are completely different from the rest of Europe, with their peculiarities that can impress deeply and leave memories for the entire life. So, should you be at least in one of those countries, be aware of the most interesting places, in our view. And always look for your personal inspiration!

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Top best places to visit in Balkans

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