Tokaj – wine region in Hungary

Tokaj – wine region in Hungary HOTELS IN TOKAJ. Where to stay Since we were going to a certain winery located in Bodrogkeresztúr, we found a guest-house right nearby. Many wineries have guest houses for their visitors who intentionally come

What to see in Slovenia: a beautiful guide

The picturesque Lake Bled – is one of the most outstanding places that are worth visiting in Slovenia. It’s located in the mountainous area of incredible beauty 30 m deep, over 2 km long and 1.3 km wide. The attire of Lake Bled is a small

5 awesome cities to visit in Poland

Wroclaw is the city of magic and fairy tales You should be careful walking through the streets since you can come across a dwarf beneath your feet. Little dwarfs suddenly appear out of nowhere. As though you have already been here and looked around