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The magical city of Sibiu in Romania

The magical city of Sibiu in Romania

We wish to write in each article how much we enjoyed Romania, namely its magical Transylvania. The city of Sibiu makes you fall in love with it at first sight; it hypnotizes you with its eyes, real eyes that are watching you from all houses. This is the most unique city we have ever been to. It’s not the city, it’s a miracle. We would recommend visiting Sibiu the most in Romania.


If you haven’t noticed the eyes on the houses yet, here they are, covered by tiles.

sibiu-2 Not only the eyes are beautiful here, but also the very ancient facades and windows painted in bright colors.sibiu-4

Here you really want to shoot everything you see.

sibiu-5 sibiu-6 sibiu-7 sibiu-8

There are interesting narrow cobbled streets, low houses and tiled roofs. Romantic lanterns embedded in facades. Old windows and residents, who are looking at passers-by.


Everything is so old and looks so harmoniously together that you don’t want it to be preened and facades restored.

sibiu-10 sibiu-11 sibiu-12 sibiu-13

It seems that everything is old, but so sweet and romantic. The historical center is small; we walked around it about five times for sure. So, we’ve taken a number of photographs in different times of the day.

sibiu-14 sibiu-15 sibiu-16 sibiu-17 sibiu-18 sibiu-19 sibiu-20 sibiu-21 sibiu-22 sibiu-23 sibiu-24 sibiu-25

Sibiu was the first capital of Transylvania, and is considered to be founded in 1169. German colonists founded this medieval town and its first name was Hermannstadt.

sibiu-26 sibiu-27 sibiu-28 sibiu-29 sibiu-30 sibiu-31 sibiu-32 sibiu-33 sibiu-34 sibiu-35 We got here when a randonnee took place. It was interesting to see how cyclists are riding on turns.sibiu-36 sibiu-37

Sibiu’s center is a former fortress. There’s a large square – official and really huge 143х93 meters big. During the day, everything was busy here because of the randonnee. There’s a Small Square near the Great one, which functioned as a selling market place. There merchants’ life was in full swing.

sibiu-38 sibiu-39 sibiu-40 sibiu-41 sibiu-42 sibiu-43 sibiu-44 sibiu-45 sibiu-46 sibiu-47 sibiu-48 sibiu-49 sibiu-50 sibiu-51

In the passage between the lower and the upper city there’s a small cafe with a German name Kleines cafe. There are a few tables outside, and a charming view: you can see the old tiles on the roofs, streets from the height, and you can sit and look around and forward while drinking delicious coffee.


There are many squares and majestic churches in Sibiu, and narrow arched passages between those squares. They used to build so interestingly 🙂


A Lutheran church of Gothic architecture with a 73-meter high tower, as well as the Huet Square.


These houses are the cutest in Sibiu.

sibiu-55 sibiu-56

A narrow passage from the Huet Square (Piata Huet) to another – the Great one.

sibiu-57 sibiu-58 sibiu-59

A view from the Small Square at the Council Tower (Turnul Sfatului). This tower is a passage between the Great and the Small squares. What’s more, this is the highest point from which you can see a panorama of the city and the square from height. Entrance costs 2 lei; they work late hours. However, you will have to look through the shut but big windows.


These are actually the views. The Great Square to the left. From here, you can even see the Făgăraș Mountains known for a high-mountain road we went to later on.


And here you can see the Small Square and the Gothic Lutheran Cathedral. Entrance for cars for a paid parking is allowed here.


Neat houses around the strict cathedral.


The Council Tower inside, from where you can see the entire Sibiu.

sibiu-64 sibiu-65 sibiu-66 sibiu-67 sibiu-68 sibiu-69 sibiu-70 sibiu-71 sibiu-72

And below is a famous 13th century multistep street-stairs, which connects the upper and the lower city.

sibiu-73 sibiu-74 sibiu-75 sibiu-76 sibiu-77

Here we were walking very often; it is one of the best views over the rooftops with lanterns.


And another interesting place is the iron Bridge of Lies. As a legend says, under the burden of false words the bridge would fall down. And according to another one – in the Middle Ages dishonest vendors were tossed from here, because this bridge is located over the selling square.

sibiu-79 sibiu-80

There are numerous restaurant terraces on the Small and the Great Squares.

sibiu-81 sibiu-82 sibiu-83 sibiu-84

Many tourists come to Sibiu from Germany and Luxembourg, as their ancestors built this town.

sibiu-85 sibiu-86 sibiu-87 sibiu-88

A concert with classical orchestra was organized for guests after the randonnee.


Umbrellas-flowers and arched passageways between the two main squares under the Council Tower.

sibiu-90 sibiu-91 sibiu-92 sibiu-93 sibiu-94 sibiu-95 sibiu-96 sibiu-97 sibiu-98sibiu-99 sibiu-100 sibiu-101 sibiu-102 sibiu-103 sibiu-104 sibiu-105 sibiu-106

It’s beautiful here any time of the day. Such a photogenic and nice city.

We recommend you to come here. By the way, Sibiu was acknowledged the European Capital of Culture in 2008, this status is granted to the EU cities.

sibiu-107 sibiu-108

With love, RH.

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With love, RH.

We would love to hear what you have to say. Follow our online Diary in Instagram, you’ll like it !

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