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Where To Eat in Krakow. Awesome Guide

Where To Eat in Krakow. Awesome GuideWhere To Eat in Krakow. Awesome Guide

Should you just move away from the Market Square in Krakow as you’ll get a view of creative, youthful, and interesting life of Krakowians.

Weekend in Krakow: things to do

The first establishment is located near the old center, a few streets from it. It’s called “Charlotte hleb i wino”. This is a very romantic establishment in the French style, where you certainly need to go for breakfast to fully experience the atmosphere of the idea. The space up and proximity breadthways. Long huge table as if unites all the visitors into one family having breakfast together. This creates comfort. Other visitors chat at other tiny tables, remaining close one to another. There are usually varieties of bread and croissants with large cups of jams and coffee on the table. There’s no calm silence, here cheerfulness reigns. And hospitality spreading from the flavor of a big lily bouquet on the table.

krakow cafe-1 krakow cafe-2 krakow cafe-3 krakow cafe-4

In addition, here is the lower hall, which also enchants.

krakow cafe-5 krakow cafe-6

And in the evening it’s worth to visit such far and sleeping corner near the Congress Centre. Bedroom streets and districts surround this establishment. And it’s called likewise the name of the street and house number Konfedercka 4.

krakow cafe-7

Something was here earlier in the past. Something industrial. So it was left till now, lively and truly.

krakow cafe-8 krakow cafe-9

The kitchen is arranged in the same room where visitors sit. One can watch the process and talk to chefs.

krakow cafe-10

It’s so interesting to contemplate the floor, ceiling, and walls and guess what there was before, where different things were. Everything leaves traces. Huge windows are the dream and pride. It’s no way without windows. They overlook the inner housing courtyard. You can keep track of the owners coming home in the evening on a motorcycle or a car and parking in the courtyard under the restaurant windows. A vine winds around the walls and windows.

krakow cafe-11 krakow cafe-12 krakow cafe-13

There may be such a cool friendly dinner with movie scenery. In the middle of vast industrial space with huge windows and ivy.

krakow cafe-14 krakow cafe-15 krakow cafe-16

Another breakfast in the establishment the facade of which immediately signals: it must be good there.
Alchemia od Kuchni.

krakow cafe-17

Such cafe’s scenery magnetically beckons. It’s luck that food flavors the same.

krakow cafe-18 krakow cafe-19 krakow cafe-20 krakow cafe-21

We were the first to visit the Alchemia establishment that just opened after the night. We managed to stay alone accompanied by all-seeing deer head.

krakow cafe-22 krakow cafe-23 krakow cafe-24 krakow cafe-25

Coffee. We had it much in our lives. We have fallen in love with the coffee culture adoration for the first time yet in Italy, watching the baristas and the Italians, who consume it ritually.

People passionately in love with coffee open their own establishments, where they fry coffee beans first and brew coffee after that.

krakow cafe-26 krakow cafe-27

A kind of storage room, giant spacious container. Everything is simple. A pile of coffee beans in bags, two baristas, coffee, and desserts.

krakow cafe-28 krakow cafe-29 krakow cafe-30

Bull-terrier. This dog’s neb casts fear and provokes the desire to hide. This dog was sitting 20 cm from us and always looked in our direction. The owner was embarrassed for his dog hindering us. He swept it up. From this moment we weren’t frightened at all. The dog licked the owner on the nose and politely situated on his knees. Appearance is deceptive.

krakow cafe-31 Coffee Cargo. krakow cafe-32 krakow cafe-33

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