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How to travel between the Canary Islands: Ferry and Aircraft

How to travel between the Canary Islands: Ferry and AircraftHow to travel between Canary Islands (Ferry and Aircraft

We ourselves tested three means of transport on the Canaries: ferries, planes, and car rental.

Binter Canarias is the local airline on the Canary Islands. We used it twice on our route over all the Canary Islands.

Binter - aircraft between Canary Islands 4binter-3

What you should know about Binter:

  • It’s worth buying tickets at least a month in advance if you want the lowest price – about 118-120 € for two (in winter, other prices may be in summer).
  • Ticket prices for the Canarians are just half of that amount, like all the prices on tours and transport. They are twice as much for nonresidents.
  • If you are under 29 (another reason for youth to travel are discounts), then the price will be reduced. But if you buy tickets for two and only one of you is over 29, discount won’t work, unfortunately, since there’s no option for entering data separately, just to buy each ticket separately.

Binter - aircraft between Canary Islands

  • Baggage is not limited for domestic flights, between the islands.


  • A glass of water, a chocolate bar, napkins, and candies are given on board.


  • And fresh newspapers. Why? – In most cases the flights are very fast, just 20-30 minutes, so it’s time to read local news.


  • You can easily buy tickets online (which is impossible for Armus ferries)
  • You need to select items for booking: nonresident; under 29 or over 60 or nothing;


  • There is an application in app store but it does not work for nonresidents, who don’t have local ID but you can go through check-in and have only an e-ticket through it. We had to print out the tickets and check-in online.


  • You definitely need to check-in. It starts three days before the flight.

There is another way to save, though we didn’t have a chance to use it, since we usually book tickets directly from the carrier’s website, but if you buy them from intermediaries the price may be lower due to the lack of some charges. For example, the total cost of tickets on Binter website is 120 €+ tax of 7.52 €= 127.52 €.

Binter - aircraft between Canary Islands 3

If you enter via then you can buy them for 117 € without tax through the intermediary (in this case OneTwoTrip). It is by 3 € less than the total price and minus 7.52 € of tax. So it’s 10.52 € less. We, for one, didn’t buy in such a way since we didn’t know that, but this information may come in handy for someone.

Binter - aircraft between Canary Islands 2La Palma - Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Island out of airplane window.

binter-12And now about ferry between the Canary Islands

ferry armas 0

Two carriers, Fred Olsen and Armas Naviera, sail between the Canary Islands. The first one was more expensive, although the duration of the journey was almost the same as by Armas. So we took all our trips-voyages with Armas. But Fred Olsen is departing in other ports, so you can as well take it up in case there is no Armas.

hotel Los Telares-3

What you should know about Armas ferries:

  • The website has a general map, which shows the ports and islands between which the ferries cruise. For example, you won’t get to Fuerteventura from La Palma, only through Tenerife. Such islands like La Palma and El Hierro are the least popular, thus you can reach them only from the closest, i.e. from Tenerife or La Gomera.

Armas - ferry between Canary Islands

  • We failed to buy tickets online, so we drove to the nearest port and bought them in Armas booking office.
  • To book online (if someone will manage to) you need to choose options of Accommodation – Pullman seat (if it’s not a night voyage and you don’t need a cabin) and Discount – General (in case no other option can be selected) if relevant, you need indicate cars and pets.

Armas - ferry between Canary Islands 2

  • In the next step you can get 4 € discount if again you are under 26 🙂 It’s so pleasing to match these parameters, at least for one out of our couple). You need to select in the information on passengers “Joven menor de 26 anos”. Then the total price will be reduced, for example from 52.8 € to 48.4 €. Choose “Option 1” and buy.

Armas - ferry between Canary Islands 1

The following are the examples of our voyages. From Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, onto Tenerife Island in its capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Price 57 € for both of us.

Gran Canaria - Tenerife ferry

Since these are two capital ports, and what is more – of the largest islands – their territories are huge.

For example, a ferry from Gran Canaria to Tenerife departs from the most remote “line”, a few kilometers away from the office, where we handed over the rented car. Fortunately, our carrier has a bus taking the passengers to the ferry, so everything run easily.

ferry armas-1ferry armas-2ferry armas-3ferry armas-4

We were told to arrive 1 hour before the departure.

ferry armas-5

The bus brought us to the ferry and we put the luggage into a special minivan. You’d better do that in order not to climb up the high stairs with all your things. It was in this port we were given luggage stub, but further on other islands we just handed our bags and nobody marked them anyhow. We initially were worried that anyone can pick our luggage not being labeled but nothing of that kind happened.

ferry armas-6

When the voyage lasts more than 1 hour, then ferry will be as huge as this. Every time we went sailed without a car, so went up the stairs, otherwise we would drive into cars compartment first.

ferry armas-7

You are required to show you passport and not tickets, which is to be pulled up through the system. But sometimes you may need the ticket, so you should have it.

ferry armas-8ferry armas-9

The giant ship. A lot of different zones. In fact no Internet, at least we haven’t ever managed to connect.

ferry armas-11ferry armas-12

Various interiors with a selection of seats diverging in convenience. You can have a cup of coffee and some snack.

ferry armas-13ferry armas-14ferry armas-16

These voyages were difficult for us. Constant dizziness and it was difficult to work.

ferry armas-15ferry armas-17

Another voyage example: From Tenerife (Los Cristianos port) to La Gomera into its capital, San Sebastian. The price is 57 €. This is the most popular crossing that lasts for 1 hour. A lot of tourists come from Tenerife to La Gomera to stay there from one to several days. That’s why ships sail 4 times a day. And one more carrier – Fred Olsen.

Tenerife-La Gomera ferry 1hotel Los Telares-1

You can even see the yellow ship Fred Olsen Express to the left – slightly more up-to-date and faster than Armas. By the way, the price does not depend on the distance but on the island’s popularity. The cheapest price was only to La Palma – 47 € for two.

hotel Los Telares-2hotel Los Telares-5

Although this crossing lasts for 1 hour, but the ship is much shaken by the waves and consequently we felt bad.

hotel Los Telares-6hotel Los Telares-7hotel Los Telares-8

All ports, except for Gran Canaria, are small, comfortable, beautiful and easy to navigate. In the same place there are car rental offices and parking sites. We left the ferry, followed the yellow line inside, found the company office, took the key, went several meters through parking site and drove where we needed to go. It’s next to perfect. And every island has its own feature, so you should visit the neighboring one)

hotel Los Telares-9

With love, RH.

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