Canary Islands – the most wonderful places from 6 islands

Canary Islands - the most wonderful places from 6 islands

Canary Islands – the most wonderful places from 6 islands

The Canary Islands are of volcanic origin, located in the Atlantic Ocean, at the level of Morocco and Western Sahara, about in 100 km.

There remain 7 islands, which are of large-format, populated, and almost all of them aim at tourism.

The biggest among them is Tenerife, then Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

1) Tenerife is the best-known island of all the Canaries. The highest Teide volcano 3718 m high is here. And the largest resorts (Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes), many beaches with black sand and vast majority of amusement parks (Loro park, Siam park). If you go to this island, be sure to visit our list of the coolest places on Tenerife:

6 beautiful reasons to visit Tenerife

Tenerife Canary Islands Teide volcanoTeide volcano, Tenerife CanariasTeide volcano Tenerife Canary Islands

2) Gran Canaria is the second island by popularity. There’re no space landscapes as on Lanzarote or Fuerteventura. But there remained the largest number of old beautiful towns dissimilar from each other (Guia, Galdar, Agaete, Arucas, Aguimes). There’s a beautiful and striking desert Maspalomas, incredible mountains with the best known stone Roque Nublo that’s 90 m high and beaches.

5 reasons to visit Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Canary Islands maspalomasmaspalomas Gran Canaria Canary Islands

3) La Gomera is one of the smallest islands, round in shape, mostly consisting of mountains and valleys. There’re just a few beaches, but bear in mind a magic forest Garajonay, which yet 2 million years ago covered the whole Europe, and now it preserved just on several islands. Banana plantations, incredible landscapes and comfort, which no other islands have. There’s incredible Mirador de Abrante which offers the most stunning view of Teide volcano on Tenerife.

3 awesome reasons to visit La Gomera

Garajonay La Gomera, CanariasGarajonay La Gomera, Canary Islands

4) La Palma Island is also called Isla Bonita, which means “beautiful island”.

As compared to the other Canary Islands there’s much of greenery, pines and almond trees that blossom in February with wonderful white flowers. La Palma is one of the least known islands. However, there’s something to marvel, have fun and be impressed. For example, a giant crater in Caldera de Taburiente National Park with the highest point Roque de los Muchachos is 2400 m high or Cumbre Vieja Natural Park with volcanoes road which stretching for 24 km. The capital of La Palma Santa Cruz de La Palma is perhaps the most beautiful one of all the Canary Islands. La Palma is the island of astro tourism.

5 incredible reasons to visit La Palma

Los Muchachos La Palma Canary IslandsLos Muchachos La Palma, Canarias

5) Fuerteventura is the second large island and among the first as to impressions and landscapes.

It’s featured by strong winds, making it popular among surfers. Despite its size, Fuerteventura is the least populated island and this emphasizes its wild and unbroken spirit and beauty. Space and freedom is most felt here. Here are the longest and most beautiful wild beaches (Cofete, De Sotavento). There’re two vast deserts on Fuerteventura – Corralejo and Jable. Mirador Morro Velosa that offers fabulous views of the marvelous mountains and the whole island. There’re unique pieces of nature’s art near Ajuy town.

7 reasons to visit Fuerteventura

Placa Cofete, Fuerteventura, CanariasFuerteventura, Placa Cofete, Canary Islands

6) Lanzarote is one of the least known of the Canary Islands! People come here not for enjoying the beaches, although they may. The major reason for thousands of foreigners is the opportunity to visit a fantasy movie scenery like “Alien land adventures”Timanfaya park on Lanzarote is the only of that kind in the world. You must see 7 Wonders of César Manrique on Lanzarote: Mirador del Rio, Los Ervideros cliffs, lava caves Cueva de los Verdes, Cactuses’ garden…

A vast Papagayo beach spreads in the south of the island. Must see also an interesting crater (El Golfo area) with external and internal walls having unrealistic decor made by the wind and an acid greenish lake at the bottom.

Lanzarote – 6 fantastic reasons to visit

Lanzarote, wine, Canary IslandsTimanfaya volcano park on Lanzarote, Canary IslandsMirador El Rio on Lanzarote Lanzarote, Canary IslandsPapagayo, Lanzarote Canary IslandsEl Golfo lake Lanzarote Canary IslandsLos Hervideros, Lanzarote Canary Islands

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