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3 awesome reasons to visit La Gomera (Canary Islands)

3 awesome reasons to visit La Gomera (Canary Islands)

La Gomera is one of the smallest islands, round in shape, mostly consisting of mountains and valleys. There’re just a few beaches, but bear in mind a magic forest, banana plantations, incredible landscapes and comfort, which no other islands have.

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There’s a unique old-growth forest on La Gomera, which yet 2 million years ago covered the whole Europe, and now it preserved just on several islands. Garajonay National Park covers a third of the island and is located at the altitude of 1000 meters with the highest point of 1480 m. Here you can feel as if in a mysterious movie where driving along the main road, fog will run across the road or completely hamper visibility. Trees here can be up to 40 m high. In some forest areas the trees are covered with wet moss and water drops from it. You want to get lost and wander in such a green beautiful forest. See more here

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In fact, there’re many hiking trails of different length and observation decks. And you can just drive along the main road running through the whole park and get unforgettable emotions from the rapid weather changes, fog or sun sneaking through the trees branches.

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La Gomera is quite close to the most popular Tenerife island, about in 30 km. So Teide volcano is well seen from here. Above the picturesque Agulo town there’s incredible Mirador de Abrante built over a steep abyss. Sitting in a restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows showing so familiar shapes of Tenerife. It offers the most stunning view of Teide volcano. See more here

How to Ascending the Teide volcano peak: Ultimate Guide

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Since La Gomera has almost no flat plains, it’s predominated by mountains. You can contemplate the incomparable scenery, valleys or banana plantations from each side of the island.

The road towards the Valle Gran Rey offers incredible views of vertical rocks with towns and banana plantations beneath.


Or the road from Garajonay park will open the fantastic views of the capital San Sebastian and once more Teide volcano on the backdrop. No matter from which side you come, you’ll always come across magnificent pictures. See more here

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La Gomera is a green paradise, where you can always meet the fog in the forest.

There are no lava flows and fresh craters as on the other Canary Islands since the last eruption took place 2 million years ago. It’s a paradise for ecotourists, lovers of peace, green beauty around and mountains.

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