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13 top spectacular places of Romania worth visiting

13 top spectacular places of Romania worth visiting

13 top spectacular places of Romania worth visiting

Romania is one of Ukraine’s neighbors. This country has high potential to become one of the most famous tourist countries due to the fact there are many impressive places in this great land and it’s even difficult to choose one or two that would be the best. We have chosen 13 places we wanted to see with our own eyes and make sure they are exceptional! 15 days were enough for us to travel around Romania if not to take into account the region with access to the Black Sea – we didn’t go there. So, in turn, we will be pleased to show you amazing places of Romania.

Romania map

Let’s start with the most spectacular, the most beautiful, the greenest and greatest, made not only by nature but also by human. Transfaharasan Highway is alpine highway about 160 km long that crosses Faharas, one of the highest mountains in Romania (2050 m). The anchor of famous auto show “Top Gear” called this highway to be the most beautiful and the most dangerous in the world. It’s simply incredible and fantastic!


Going the Transfaharasan highway you just have no time to watch around. While adding Transfaharasan highway to your route’s must sees it’s possible to add two more impressive sights at once: Balea Lake and Vidraru Dam. This journey will be incredible; you’ll get a pile of impressions remaining for a long time and adrenaline buzz!

Wonderland? or just awesome The Transfagarasan Road and Balea Lake in Romania


We mentioned Balea Lake above. Transfaharasan highway leads just to it. Therefore, you’d rather stop at 2024 m height to admire the lake and fog over it. And you can recharge here in the restaurant overlooking the lake and gain strength, since all energy goes to the emotions from fantastic places!

romania3 romania4

The final stop of the same Transfaharasan highway is Vidraru Dam. Both spine-chilling and wonderful place. A huge abyss on the one hand and a lake with tons of water on the other. And this dam has for dozens of years been holding the weight of water and cars passing above it. The adrenaline dose and eyes expansion is guaranteed.

romania5 romania6

Romania is picturesque not only because of the nature. There is not even one but a lot of splendid and interesting towns. For example, the fortress city of Brasov. We went down there from the Transfaharasan highway. Fabulous and magical town with old houses and Gothic cathedral guarding everything around for hundreds of years! This town is inspiring and has much to show to its visitors.

Fabulous Brasov in Romania


One of the most interesting in Brasov is the narrowest street in Romania. It’s painted in different shades with romantic paving blocks and lanterns.


Romania cares for its heritage and it preserved castles well, so there are many of them in the country. We will outline three that are the most popular. The first one is Corvin Castle. There’s nothing to write about – photos show what it is. It looks very romantic, although a spooky festival is held here for Halloween)


Peles Castle – there is a different architectural solution and placement not on the top of a mountain above the town but in the forest surrounded by mountains, as if hiding from prying eyes.


The castle which is most on the top of the tongue in the whole world – is Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. Though Dracula has never lived there but Bram Stoker, a renowned writer, having written the book “Dracula” made the castle a must see for his book’s fans.

Top-3 Picturesque castles of Romania


The most youth town of Romania and the major city of Transylvania region is, of course, Cluj Napoca. Here the largest number of students study, there exists old architecture that adorns the city, and there is magical forest nearby where a UFO was seen.

Cluj-Napoca is the main city of Transylvania


Perhaps the funniest town No. 1 is Sibiu. Well preserved fortress city of Sibiu is quite small but is unique, it differs from other towns. The romantic and warm atmosphere of gentle soul is here.


Sibiu can be called the city of a thousand eyes. But the eyes are really there – buildings have them and peek from their roof tiles. In such a kind way they invite for a walk among the streets.

The magical city of Sibiu in Romania


Timisoara is a town, which may make a mash on everybody. Market square and adjacent buildings deserve a special notice!


In addition to better known Transfaharasan highway, there is one more place in Romania attracting millions of tourists. Salina Turda -it’s an abandoned salt mine the entertainment town was made of. And what is more pleasant – penny prices as for Europe. And the impressions will be overwhelming, more than in a similar one (though there is no similar, it’s a unique mine). There is an observation wheel at 100 meters’ depth, and a lake where you can swim in a boat, but it’s deeper! Striking, isn’t it?


The entire town underground with the temperature of 12 degrees all the year round.

Theme park Salina Turda 100 m underground in Romania


Romania’s capital has lots to astonish. At least the largest building in the world (after the Pentagon in the USA) that is very well seen from outer space. The dimensions and history of this grandeur see here:

Weekend in Bucharest – worth to see?


Bucharest will surprise by its history along with the architecture. And here are interesting establishments worth visiting to rest from the hot city.

A Guide of awesome cafe in Bucharest


Romania is an impressive country. Even volcanoes here differ from the ones in other countries). Here they are tiny and emit clay and mud – Mud volcanos. You can walk around, carefully examine them and feel like Gulliver.

50 shades of gray of Romania or A little mud volcanoes

romania22 romania23

We are excited with this country. Romania is quite different, not like the others. Don’t be afraid to come here and explore. The country is noteworthy. And we found no Gypsy camps, though drove 2,000 km there across different places)

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